The Life Cycle of Springs

All things wear out over time, including your garage door's torsion or extension springs. They're rated for a certain number of cycles - one cycle being the opening and closing of the garage door once.The typical spring has around 10,000 cycles before they start failing which means if you use your garage twice daily, expect about 14 years service life. However, more frequent usage will lead to quicker wear-out.

Telltale Signs Your Springs Need Help

Springs breaking can sometimes be as subtle as hearing an unusual noise or seeing gaps in what was once a tightly coiled component. If not checked immediately by professionals like us at Thompson Garage Door Repair, they could cause further damage to other parts of your system such as cables or even harm someone due to unexpected falling doors.

  • Loud Noise: When a spring breaks under tension, it makes quite some racket. This is often how people realize something’s wrong with their door.
  • Inability To Lift The Door Manually: If manual lifting seems near impossible then broken springs may well be culprits since they do most heavy-lifting when raising up our garages.
  • Gap In The Spring: Springs under tension are tightly coiled. If there's a gap, it means one has snapped and needs replacing.