Our Comprehensive Garage Door Repair Fremont Services

At Thompson Company, we offer a wide range of services to keep your garage door in excellent condition, including spring repair, opener installation and repair, cable replacement, panel replacement, new installation, roller repair and maintenance.

Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage door springs play a crucial role in the smooth and safe operation of your garage door. Over time, these springs can become worn out or damaged, causing your door to malfunction or even pose a safety hazard.

Our experienced technicians have the skills and expertise needed to quickly identify the root cause of any spring-related issues and make the necessary repairs using high-quality replacement parts.

Rest assured that with us handling your garage door spring repair needs, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your garage door will be functioning efficiently once again.

Plus, our commitment to customer satisfaction means we won't consider the job complete until you are entirely satisfied with our workmanship.

Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage Door Opener Repair And Installation

Understanding the importance of a dependable and efficient garage door opener is crucial for seamless operation of your home or commercial garage doors.

No matter if you're dealing with issues in an older model or considering an upgrade to newer technology for greater ease and safety, our professional team can assist. We provide an extensive selection of garage door opener solutions including belt-drive systems offering silent functioning, chain-drive mechanisms promising maximum durability, as well as smart openers enabling remote control through smartphone apps.

Garage Door Panel Replacement

If your garage door panels are damaged, they can compromise the security and aesthetics of your property. At Thompson company, we offer reliable and professional garage door panel replacement services for homeowners and businesses in Fremont CA and surrounding areas.

Our technicians are experienced in all types of garage doors, whether it's made from wood, aluminum, steel or any other material. We use quality materials to ensure that our customers receive durable replacements that last long-term.

New Garage Door Installation

Looking to install a new garage door in Fremont, CA? Look no further than our expert team at Thompson company. Our skilled technicians will assess your needs and provide recommendations for the perfect option, whether you're looking for sectional doors, automatic options, or insulated models.

No matter if you're upgrading an old system or starting from scratch, we pride ourselves on providing fast and dependable service at competitive rates.

Garage Door Roller Repair

If you're experiencing difficulty opening and closing your garage door smoothly, it could be due to problems with the rollers. The rollers play a key role in ensuring that the door moves up and down evenly on its tracks.

Our experienced technicians can quickly diagnose any issues with your garage door rollers and provide long-lasting solutions. We use only high-quality replacement parts, so you can trust that your repaired garage door will perform optimally for years to come.

Don't wait until your faulty roller causes more significant damage to your entire system - contact us today at Thompson garage door repair in Fremont CA for efficient and affordable garage door roller repairs!

Garage Door Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your garage door is essential to ensure that it continues to function effectively and last longer. At Thompson company in Fremont, CA, we offer comprehensive garage door maintenance services to help keep your doors operating smoothly.

Our skilled technicians will inspect the various components of your garage door system, including springs, cables, rollers, bearings, and tracks.

We understand that a malfunctioning garage door can be frustrating and inconvenient. That's why we recommend regular maintenance appointments to prevent potential issues before they become major problems.

By investing in routine maintenance with us at Thompson company in Fremont, CA, you can avoid costly repairs down the road while keeping your garage doors functioning reliably for years to come.

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